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Since 2017, 600 degrees have successfully been catering at Weddings, private parties and corporate events across the North West.

It all started when Dan, the founder of 600 degrees, visited The Amalfi Coast on his honeymoon and spent some time in Naples, the home of the Neapolitan Pizza.

With his passion for cooking, this gave him the inspiration to perfect his own homemade pizza dough and follow the authentic methods of cooking pizzas. Wanting to share this passion and see more people enjoy his pizza creations, 600 degrees was born!

Each day, the dough will be freshly made in the 600 degrees kitchen using only the finest Caputo flour, yeast, salt and water then left to prove for at least 24hrs. This gives the dough the characteristic chewy bubbly crust with a crisp finish that’s a lot easier to digest. They use the finest San Marzano tomatoes and Fior Di Latte cheese from the Campania region. The pizzas are cooked in a traditional wood fired oven right in front of your eyes and take no more than 2 minutes to cook!

600 degrees believe Neapolitan Pizza making is a craft, from the making of the dough and the unique technique of stretching it right through to working the oven. The foundation of the pizza adheres to traditional methods and that’s where it stops… they believe in giving the customer what they want so therefore, in addition to the usual classics everyone loves, they look to create a variety of pizza styles and where possible use local ingredients such as Smithy Mushrooms…..let’s call it the best of British & Italian!

Dan is leaving behind his full-time job as a UK & International Sales Manager to focus on the business and is looking to welcome customers old and new.


Please note, this is a sample menu and could vary.

Cheesy Garlic Pizza

Fior di latte cheese, grated Grana Padano, garlic oil and basil. (Great with Chorizo!)

Marinara with Olives

Italian tomato base, roasted garlic slithers, marinated olives, XV olive oil drizzle and basil.


Italian tomato base, Fior di latte cheese, grated Grana Padano, XV olive oil drizzle and basil.


Italian tomato base, Fior di latte cheese, grated Grana Padano, Italian pepperoni, XV olive oil drizzle and basil. Optional: Chilli honey

BBQ or Tandoori chicken... controversial but tasty!

Italian tomato base, tender marinated chicken in either choice of tandoori spices or ranch BBQ sauce, Fior di latte cheese, red onion, peppers, Optional: Jalapenos or Yoghurt & Mint Drizzle

Veg Special

Italian tomato base, Fior di Latte cheese, grated Grana Padano, marinated mushrooms, fresh basil, sweet roquito peppers, pesto & beetroot puree droplets, garlic XV olive oil

Vegan Special

Roasted Butternut Squash base, roquito peppers, sautéed mushrooms, red onion, beetroot puree droplets, XV olive oil

Italian Stallion

This bad boy packs a punch!

Italian tomato sauce, Fior di latte cheese, grated Grana Padano, N’duja, pepperoni, fennel salami, chilli flakes.....be a stallion add jalapeno's??

Moroccan Lamb

Italian tomato sauce, Fior di latte cheese, grated Grana Padano, red onion, Moroccan spiced minced lamb (cumin, ginger, turmeric, garlic, coriander, cinnamon), yoghurt and mint drizzle, XV olive oil

Capricciosa (Ham & Mushroom)

Italian tomato sauce, grated Grana Padano, Fior di late cheese, marinated mushrooms, cured ham & XV olive oil drizzle, oregano. Can be served with chorizo or olives.

Dough Dippers, 600 Degrees signature baked strips coated with garlic butter, grated parmesan & parslet.. Served with a choice of sauce:

Pesto - Basil, Pesto, Pine Nuts, olive oil & mayonnaise dip.

N'duja (spicy) - Calabrian sausage blitzed in mayonnaise and olive oil.

White Truffle Dip

Extras Toppings





BBQ Sauce

Fennel Salami



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