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Creators of good times and purveyors of fine produce!

Southport Market very first opened its doors on 7th September 1881 in a ceremony performed by the Earl of Derby to replace the Chapel Street Market. The new large market opening ceremony included a great gala with a procession and banquet.

The traditional market traders were in their new home until the buildings were destroyed by a fire in 1913. It was not until 1931 that the present Market Hall was built.

For many years the market was a thriving hub for Southport residents and visitors. With a mixture of local produce, fresh meat from the butchers, clothes and haberdashery, the market became a shopping location for many years to come.

In 2012 the Southport Market was refurbished and continued to thrive as a traditional market. As shopping habits of the UK begun to change, online shopping was on the rise and footfall to traditional type markets began to decline it became apparent that a repurpose of the building was needed to keep it at the heart of the community.

The £1.4 million refurbishment and repurpose of the old Southport Market building was completed in July 2021 and the new Southport Market welcomed, and continues to welcome, guests locally, regionally and nationally.

Here’s the Scoop!

Taking the market from a classical market format to something big, bold and wonderful for Southport – the Southport Market has been transformed to a food a drink market.

Drawing inspiration from the European culture of social eating, embracing local produce and fresh ingredients – the Southport Market will evolve into the type of market culture we have seen successfully established throughout the UK and will quickly become a hub for many social gatherings.

The theme is based on our historic fairground and seaside – from the Pier’s Penny Arcade to Southport Pleasureland – when you step inside there is no mistake you are in the heart of Southport. From the carousel themed bar to the fun quotes and quirky art work across the building – the essence of Southport pours through each part; from the entrance to the toilets!

In Southport we are very proud of our vibrant history, a mix of Art Deco, Victorian and Contemporary architecture and the Southport Market embraces the heritage of the town. You will see old photographs featured around the market, which were supplied by The Atkinson and have proved to be a talking point amongst visitors.

It’s an edible extravaganza and bevvy bonanza

The Southport Market is home to 10 food traders all serving delicious and freshly cooked food from across the world. The central carousel bar serves local ales, has an extensive cocktail and gin menu as well as a hot drinks station.

Roll up to experience all the fun and the fayre!

In a few simple steps you could be having good times and great food!

  • Step One

    Grab a seat and order a drink from the bar – take a pick from the bonanza of bevvies on offer.

  • Step Two

    Whirl around at all the traders and see what delights tickle your fancy and taste buds.

  • Step Three

    Order, take a buzzer to your seat and hold on tight. When your delicious food is ready and waiting your buzzer will buzz!

  • Step Four

    Pick up your order and enjoy your incredible extravaganza and the ride!

Roll Up! Rock Up!

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