Access For All

Accessible for everyone.

Every area of our beautiful Market is accessible to everyone and this includes those with a disability or special need. We want all those who visit to be able to enjoy everything that is available.

There are ramps on the main entrance to help those with visual impairments or mobility issues and also around the bar area there is ample room for wheelchair and mobility scooter access.

Guide dogs are welcome and we have accessible toilets and washing facilities across the building.

The changing places toilets and facilities at Southport Market have been critically praised for their functionality. We realise that over 250,000 people in the country who have a disability or special need, require such facilities to be able to get out and about and enjoy their day to day activities that everyone else takes for granted.

The facility contains plenty of specialist equipment, some of which might not otherwise be found within a standard accessible facility. We include hoists for users to lift in and out of position, curtains for privacy, adult sized changing benches as well as space for carers to oversee.

Southport Market caters for all.

At the market we boast an impressive array of international cuisine to try out. We want customers young and old to be able to experience the different tastes of the world. As part of our catering services we are open to serve breakfast, lunch and evening meals.

Special dietary requirements can be catered for if for example you are lactose intolerant or require gluten free meals. Our food stalls also provide a plethora of tasty and healthy options for vegetarians and vegans.

If a take away is your thing we have got you covered! Night in at home? Pop down to the Market and order on the go. All our food stalls offer the option to take out food and drink on the go, hot or cold! Even your pet pooch can tuck in to a nice dollop of fresh ice cream!

Our revamped bar is separate from the food stalls and is fully licensed. You can kick back and relax with some ale, cider, cocktails or wine – for those that do not drink don’t worry we still serve alcohol free variations of certain drinks as well as classics like a refreshing lemonade, coke or orange juice with plenty of ice!

We always uphold our responsibility never to serve alcohol to those underage or minor, unless accompanied and granted permission by an adult or guardian.

Fun for the whole family, including the kids.

Over the years, the Market has always been at the heart of Southport as a place for people to gather and socialise. The recent refresh and facelift is no exception to this. It is a place where both old and young can unwind and socialise. If your looking for a good family day out, we certainly recommend exploring our different cuisines.

We accept children of all ages and can provide special food menus to cater. We have a dedicated play area to let your little ones run off steam, baby changing facilities within our toilets provide sturdy changing benches and are configured to be accessible to all and we also accommodate highchair seating where required during food and drinking occasions.


Your memorable event, hosted by us.

The Extravaganza Room at the Market is a multi-purpose function room that can accommodate large gatherings. If you would like to host your wedding party, birthday party or another special occasion, we can help organise and accommodate it. We can put on buffets, music, live bands, drinks, performance shows and much much more.

For smaller gatherings we also have private function rooms that are perfect for business meetings, conferences and networking events.

Roll Up! Rock Up!

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