Our Story

Creators of good times and purveyors of fine produce!

Southport Market opened its doors on 7th September 1881 in a ceremony performed by the Earl of Derby. Unfortunately, the market was destroyed by a fire in 1913 and was only rebuilt to its current status in 1931.

For many years the market was a thriving hub for Southport residents and visitors. With a mixture of local produce, fresh meat from the butchers, clothes and haberdashery, the market became a shopping location for many years to come.

As time went on and the digital age kicked in, shopping habits changed and the rise of online shopping reshaped the future of our bustling traditional market hall.

It was always important to stay at the heart of the community and so it was in July 2021 that we launched the new Southport Food Market.

Yes we went there!

Taking the market from something classical to something different and loud was a bold move. We drew inspiration from the European culture of social eating and embracing local produce and combined it with a traditional Victorian seaside nostalgia to create an eclectic and unique interior for our guests to enjoy.

Roll up to experience all the fun and the fayre!

Good times and great food in a few simple steps

  • Step One

    Grab a seat and order a drink from the bar

  • Step Two

    Scope out all the traders and see what delights tickle your fancy

  • Step Three

    Order, take a buzzer to your seat and hold on tight. When your delicious food is ready your buzzer will buzz

  • Step Four

    Pick up your order and enjoy

Roll Up! Rock Up!

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