Pasta 51 Express

Classic, authentic and delicious freshly made pasta!

Pasta 51 Express opened its first venture in Liverpool city centre last year and has been a huge hit since. Owned by well-known local restaurateur Attilio Sergi, Pasta 51 is the perfect way to experience authentic and delicious pasta.

Attilio was born and raised in Santa Maria di Leuca, Puglia, where his family grew special wheat crops for pasta. His childhood was spent helping his mother to prepare and make fresh pasta just like many generations had done before him.

Choose from several hand-crafted fresh pastas before adding from a range of slow-cooked pasta sauces. Pick from bolognese, arrabiata, carbonara, cacio e pepe, chicken ragout and even lentil ragout!

Gluten intolerant or vegan? We have you covered!

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